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Pedagogical project

“From 0 to 6 years of age, not only intelligence but also all the psychic faculties are formed.”

                                                                           Maria Montessori

The pedagogical approach

At the Montessori Grange Explorers School, we integrate the objectives of the Romand Study Plan while emphasizing close collaboration with parents. Our approach aims to provide an enriching learning environment where each child can not only succeed academically but also flourish fully.

Our learning areas:

  • Languages:Reading and Writing in French and English

We adopt interactive and playful methods, fostering a love for reading and writing in these two essential languages.

  • Mathematics:Learning through Play and Manipulation

Basic concepts such as quantities, the decimal system, and mathematical operations are taught in a practical manner. The goal is to make mathematics accessible and fun, from numeration to fractions.

  • Geography: A Journey from Switzerland to the World

Following Montessori pedagogy, we start by exploring local geography before venturing into continents and distant countries, while integrating a cultural dimension to sensitize students to global diversity.

  • Botany: Discovering the Plant World

Students explore the world of plants through practical activities, such as planting in class and visits to Parc de la Grange, thus enriching their understanding of the natural environment.

  • Music and Creative Arts: Awakening Artistic Expression

With the help of a specialized teacher and access to a piano, students discover music, rhythms, great artists, and various artistic techniques, once a week.

  • Theater: Strengthening Confidence and Creativity

Theater is a powerful tool for developing creativity, personal expression, and emotional intelligence, while strengthening students' self-confidence.

  • Creative Workshops “Wood”: Developing Skills and Innovation

Our creative "wood" workshops offer children the opportunity to explore their creativity and refine their fine motor skills. Under the supervision of experts, they learn to handle different tools and materials to create wooden works, ranging from simple decorative objects to small constructions. These workshops encourage not only creativity but also attention to detail and patience.

Parental Engagement: We firmly believe in the importance of parental involvement in education. Regular meetings, workshops, and classroom activities are all opportunities for parents to actively engage in their child's educational journey.

Ecole Montessori Grange Explorers Genève
Crèche Montessori

The fundamental foundations of pedagogy

The main foundations of the Montessori pedagogy adopted at the Grange Explorers School are as follows.

1. Mixed age group

Our school forms a community of children aged 3 to 6 years, who live and learn together in an environment without competition or rivalry. This age diversity promotes peer learning, collaboration, and altruism, offering a rich and natural experience of cooperation.

2. Freedom and self-discipline

In their prepared environment, children enjoy various freedoms: the freedom of choice, fostering decision-making and independence; the freedom of work, encouraging willpower and perseverance; and the freedom of movement, allowing physical activity and meeting their personal needs. These freedoms support concentration and the development of self-discipline.

3. Science-based materials

Instead of just listening to an adult, children learn through action. They use materials specifically designed to stimulate their intelligence, engaging their senses and tailored to their stage of development.

4. One-to-one learning

Every child benefits from a unique learning experience. We offer personalized lessons, individually or in small groups, allowing precise interaction between the educator and each child. The educators understand the achievements and needs of each student, guiding them towards mastery and responsibility for their learning.

To learn more about our Educational Charter, please consult this document.

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