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Montessori School
Grange Explorers

From 3 to 6 years

A Welcoming International School Where Children
Explore. Learn. Grow. 



Two prestigious addresses near the majestic Bertrand and Grange parks

Eaux-Vives, Geneva

Champel & Florissant, Geneva


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An environment conducive to child discovery and learning

A stone's throw from the majestic parks of La Grange and Bertrand, Grange Explorers Montessori School stands out as a sanctuary of education, covering both nursery and part of primary school, welcoming young children of mixed ages between 3 to 6 years. Proudly adopting the alternative Montessori method, praised for its educational approachmark of kindness and respect, our private school is dedicated to the personal development of each student. Harmony with nature, pillar of our philosophy, promises a deep sensory and educational immersion, cultivating the awakening and development of ecological awareness from early childhood. Our educators, armed with Montessori diplomas and training, delivered by the International Montessori Association (AMI) and driven by a passion for alternative pedagogy, are committed to revealing and nurturing the unique potential of each child.Grange Explorers School shines with its range of varied extracurricular activities — theater, gymnastics, music, Montessori workshops — encouraging active learning and outdoor play, in harmony with our environmental setting.








Affiliated to the AMI and to the Swiss Romande Association of Montessori Schools (ARdEM), our curriculum, in accordance with the Romand Study Plan (PER), facilitates a transition to elementary education. As a bilingual school, we adopt a holistic educational approach, preparing our students for future school life while respecting the key stages of fundamental learning. Grange Explorers School enriches your child's learning, supporting sensitive periods of their development, in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Public Instruction (DIP) and national education. After a three-year cycle at our school, the child will be fully equipped to join primary school, possessing all the skills necessary to successfully integrate 3P into the public education system.

"No description, no picture in any book can replace the sight of real trees, and all the life around them, in a real forest. Something emanates from these trees that speaks to the soul, something that no book, no museum is capable of giving."

Maria Montessori

Grange Explorers Montessori School Geneva

autonomy Our Montessori school is committed to promoting the development of autonomy in children aged 3 to 6. Through a prepared and safe environment, we encourage our students to explore, take initiative and make informed choices in their daily activities. This helps them become independent individuals who can manage tasks and solve problems on their own, laying a strong foundation for their future.

self-confidence Within our Montessori school, the development of self-confidence is at the heart of our teaching. We provide children with a caring and respectful environment, where every success, big or small, is celebrated. Our activities are designed to recognize personal efforts and encourage perseverance, allowing children to feel competent, valued and confident in their own abilities.​

the link to Nature Our Montessori school benefits from an exceptional setting, strongly anchored in nature, offering children aged 3 to 6 a unique connection with the outside environment. We use the natural world as a living classroom, promoting sensory learning and scientific discovery through direct experiences. This proximity to Parc de la Grange and Parc Bertrand stimulates curiosity, respect for the environment and a deep sense of ecological responsibility from an early age.

relational skills The importance of soft skills is paramount in our educational approach. At our Montessori school, we encourage communication, cooperation and empathy among our students through group activities and collaborative projects. This allows children to develop healthy relationships, understand and respect differences, and acquire social skills essential for their personal and academic development.

complex thinking Our curriculum is designed to stimulate complex thinking in children ages 3 to 6. Through varied educational activities, we challenge our students to observe, question and analyze the world around them. By encouraging a multidisciplinary approach and integrating key concepts at different levels of complexity, we prepare children to become critical thinkers, creative and capable of solving complex problems.

In our school, our priorities are to develop

Our priorities

Ecole Montessori Grange Explorers Genève

Our approach is guided by the Montessori philosophy.

The application of Montessori pedagogy helps meet the individual needs and interests of each child, providing developmental pathways in language, music, mathematics, science, physical coordination and art.


The child also learns a wide range of practical skills, from gardening, cooking to caring for their environment and social skills based on kindness and courtesy.   

Grange Explorers Montessori School Geneva
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Ecole Montessori Grange Explorers Genève

These days, the world is evolving at breakneck speed, and not always in the direction we want. In a context where values are often questioned and tested, it is more important than ever to give our children a solid foundation of fundamental values to help them envision a better future. Through our Montessori Grange Explorers school project initiative, we believe that education is the key to building a better world. We believe that respect, hands-on learning and contact with nature are key values that children should learn from a young age, as is the importance of independence and cooperation. At our school, we provide a caring and secure environment where children can learn at their own pace, whilst ensuring their intellectual, emotional and social development at every stage of their journey.


We believe that diversity is an important value because it allows children to understand and respect the different perspectives and lifestyles of others. It also allows them to strengthen their own identity and self-esteem. At our school, children are encouraged to learn from each other, celebrate their differences and develop a sense of inclusion and mutual respect, while respecting local values and customs.


We believe our approach to Montessori education can help shape a better future for our children and future generations, teaching them the importance of getting back to basics and respecting others. Our main mission is to ensure, throughout our 3-year course, that each child acquires basic skills such as reading, writing, mathematics, geography, as well as botany, music and sensory development, using our Montessori educational approach and offering activities linked to nature.

Inspired by transparency, guided by love, nourished by Montessori teaching and in harmony with nature: these are our priorities, our values.

Rita. The director.

Upcoming MGE Events

Ecole Montessori Grange Explorers Genève

A pillar of well-being, friendship contributes to the good development of the child. The strong and intimate bond that friends maintain with each other contributes to the child's self-confidence, joy and personal balance.

This is why we regularly publish events on this section allowing parents and their children to meet and strengthen their ties within the GE community.

This section also allows you to publish events organized by parents in the GE community: parent/child barbecue, picnic, etc.

All together for the happiness of our children

Grange Explorers Montessori School Geneva
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