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Dedicated & Certified

 " The child is both a hope and a promise for humanity. By caring for this embryo as our most precious treasure, we work to make humanity grow". Maria Montessori 

At the heart of the Montessori Grange Explorers school, our highly qualified team reflects our commitment to excellence. Each teacher has been meticulously chosen for their expertise, experience, and certification recognized by the International Montessori Association (AMI).

Driven by a passion for education and a deep dedication to every child, we guarantee an authentic and personalized approach to Montessori education, allowing each student to fully flourish.

Meet the Team


Montessori AMI French teacher
Director of school

Originally from Geneva, Rita a certified 3-6 AMI Montessori teacher. She has gained multiple teaching experiences with the DIP as well as in other Montessori schools.

After starting her career in the health sector as a medical radiology technician, the arrival of her first child sparked a deep desire in her to (re)focus on what is most essential: education. That's when she decided to retrain and become a Montessori teacher.

For Rita, the Montessori pedagogy is more than just an educational system: it represents a philosophy of life. As a teacher, she observes and guides the child towards their personal development, offering individualized learning, given with love and care.

Rita is passionate, smiling, and creative. Her dedication to teaching has allowed her students to assemble words and read from the age of 3, testifying to her ability to observe and meet the needs of her students.

Beyond her work, Rita enjoys cycling, playing badminton, and indulging in art. She is also the mother of two children.


Guided by transparency, nourished by love, inspired by Montessori pedagogy, and in harmony with nature - these are the priorities and values that characterize her.

-- Rita Senouci-Joaquim



Montessori AMI English teacher

Victoria is a qualified AMI 3-6 Montessori educator.

Dedicated, with over 10 years of experience in Montessori teaching in London for children aged 3 to 6. Her professional journey is highlighted by an excellent understanding of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and the Montessori approach.

She is recognized for her ability to create appealing learning environments for children. Victoria has a knack for fostering children's confidence through activities that are both playful and educational. She stands out due to her unwavering commitment to promoting the holistic development of students.

Her expertise in Montessori pedagogy was acquired during her tenure at Prospect House School in London, where she worked for nearly 9 years. As a Montessori teacher and assistant, she successfully implemented the Montessori method, set up safe and stimulating learning environments, and closely monitored student progress. Victoria also introduced audiovisual tools and technologies to facilitate interactive learning, integrating musical and artistic activities to encourage creativity and expression in children.

Before joining Prospect House School, Victoria spent a year as a Montessori teacher trainer at Orchard House School in London. There, she collaborated closely with classroom teachers, provided invaluable support to children in difficulty, and meticulously organized classroom areas for educational resources. Her role also included participating in educational outings and extracurricular activities.

With Victoria, your children are in good hands for a stimulating, interactive, and enriching learning experience.

Bethani Ann

AMI-trained Montessori Assistant, Native English Speaker

Certified by AMI, Bethani Ann is a Montessori assistant dedicated to children aged 3 to 6. Her passion for the Montessori method is more than just a calling; it's an extension of a rich family legacy. Indeed, the spark for Montessori teaching was ignited early on, inspired by her mother, a Montessori teacher herself.

Originally from the United States, Bethani Ann has seamlessly blended her international experience with Montessori pedagogy to offer a unique approach to the children she mentors. As a mother of six, Bethani Ann possesses a deep and instinctive understanding of the unique needs and challenges during these formative years.

Within a prestigious Montessori school, Bethani Ann has made her mark by devising an innovative English immersion program, specially crafted for ages 3-6. More than just a linguistic curriculum, her program aims for the holistic development of the child, thus enhancing their confidence and curiosity.

What sets Bethani Ann apart is not just her pedagogical mastery, but her innate empathy and genuine commitment to each student. Thanks to her influence, many young individuals enthusiastically embark on the Montessori educational journey, showcasing the transformative power of this pedagogy.



AMI Montessori French Teacher

Laetitia, holding a Montessori AMI 3-6 years Teaching degree, joins our educational team with over ten years of experience in early childhood education. Her journey and educational vision have allowed her to develop a genuinely inclusive approach, which considers the cultural diversities and individual specifics of the children she supports.

Driven by a deep passion for the Montessori method, Laetitia is always guided by the desire to provide an environment that is both stimulating and nurturing for her students. She is committed to promoting their independence and boosting their self-confidence, both of which are essential for their overall development.

Besides her skills directly related to Montessori pedagogy, Laetitia stands out for her ability to build strong and lasting bridges with parents. She firmly believes that education is a collaboration between school and home. Therefore, she is dedicated to ensuring transparent, regular, and effective communication with families, so that every stage of the child's educational journey is clearly understood and shared.


After-school Facilitator

Lauriana is the dedicated facilitator for the after-school program at our Montessori school for ages 3-6. With a strong background, she excels in her role, skillfully guiding children in their activities after school hours.

In every session, Lauriana establishes an environment where children feel comfortable, valued, and motivated to engage in various activities. She ensures to offer playful, creative, and safe moments, always in line with the principles of Montessori pedagogy.

Thanks to her patient and empathetic approach, Lauriana allows children to extend their educational experience beyond the traditional school day, thereby strengthening their self-confidence, autonomy, and natural curiosity.

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Facilitator of introductory workshops in woodworking and theater for children

Ludovic is passionate about woodworking and specializes in introducing it to young curious minds, starting from the age of 3.

With several years of experience gained in various community centers in Geneva, he has developed a unique talent for making woodworking accessible, appealing, and fun for children.

In addition to his regular classes, Ludovic organizes and hosts creative workshops where theater and crafts come together to stimulate both children's imagination and practical skills.

He firmly believes that every child has artistic and manual potential that is essential to nurture.

Relying on an educational approach that is both playful and kind, Ludovic commits to helping each child discover and develop their unique talents, in perfect harmony with the Montessori pedagogy.


Music teacher

Angelica began playing the piano at six years old. She has won various competitions in Moscow and Bucharest. She earned her Master's in Pedagogy from the High School of Music in 2019. Her curiosity and involvement led her to participate in the research project "Aging Well with Music," in connection with the High School of Health.


The aim of this study is to highlight the benefits of music learning on the cognitive development of older individuals. A player of the piano, organ, and harpsichord, she will, with her calm and professionalism, share her love for music.



Accountant and HR Manager

Pierre is the school's accountant and human resources manager.

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