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Timetable and prices

Tuition fees

For the full-time Montessori school program, tuition fees range from 1750 CHF to 2150 CHF, depending on the services and schedules chosen.


For children enrolled in the part-time Montessori school program, the tuition fee is 1500 CHF per month.

The school program lasts ten months (from late August to late June).


Monday to Friday:

From 8am to 6pm (with after-school service)



From 8am to 4pm

Type of services

Montessori schooling in English & French

After-school service until 6pm

Creative workshops on Wednesdays (in French and English)

Extra activities

The school offers additional courses in:

  • Piano

  • Theater

  • Mandarin (官话) / Arabic (عربي)

  • Robotic


The price depends on the activity.

For more information, please contact us here.

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