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A bilingual school where children and parents are happy

Journée portes ouvertes ecole montessori genève

Our values & mission

At Grange Explorers School, Montessori pedagogy, we value the uniqueness of each child endowed with innate potential by providing caring guidance in a structured, bilingual environment.

We encourage children's intrinsic motivation and curiosity, independence, self-help, creativity, and self-confidence and help them develop a love of learning through positive experiences in a harmonious setting.

We treat each child with respect, love and care, taking into account their needs and using a methodology based on scientific knowledge of child development to help them grow and build themselves.

We accompany the children in their personal development and ensure that the children benefit from daily outings in the countryside and that they will enjoy tending the school's vegetable garden.

P hilosophy

Over a hundred years ago, Maria Montessori discovered that children are born with a deep desire to interact with their environment intelligently. She found that children thrived best when they had the freedom to direct their learning in a so-called prepared environment. In summary, this approach consists of: respecting the rhythms of each individual and the respect of others; offering the child the free choice of activity in an atmosphere adapted to sensitive periods; giving sufficiently long time for independent action.

These activities are divided into five main groups:


1. Practical life

gives children the opportunity to exercise and optimize their concentration while performing everyday tasks. The child develops his hand-eye coordination and his ability to organize. They gain independence, willpower and self-confidence and prepare for writing and reading.

2. Sensorial

The sensory exercises are based on the active manipulation of explicit materials designed scientifically. The child's perception and understanding of the world are refined, acquiring a good basis for learning mathematics. The child explores the material through their senses.

3. Language

allows for the enrichment of vocabulary, improves the expression of one's thoughts, helps in the understanding of sounds and teaches reading and writing

4. Mathematics

is learned in fun and natural and develops the child's logical mind. The children concretely handle the material and perceive what a quantity is and then move on to the abstract. We teach them numbers, decimals, four operations, fractions, etc.

5. Culture

The child can learn about natural sciences, geography, botany, music, art, cooking, gardening, inventions or inventors, etc.

Journée portes ouvertes ecole montessori genève

Why we promote Montessori education ?

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